Why Use Bowed Rolls, Inc to repair or purchase your new Bowed Roll.   Jan 2011


Here are some points about Bowed Rolls, Inc that your customers may not know:

Bowed Rolls, Inc

1.      We have over 30 years of experience in making new and repairing all makes of Bowed Rolls. 

2.      We make and repair rolls for all Industries that use Bowed Rolls to maintain a wrinkle free film

3.      We purchase our Bearings from the same manufacturer as the “big guys

4.      We purchase our Rubber Sleeves from the same manufacturer as one of the “big guysdo, the other “big guy” makes their own sleeves.  We have the same range of Rubber Sleeve compounds as the Big Guys.  Bowed Rolls Inc was owned by Voith just a few ago.

5.      In the Paper Industry we currently have Bowed Rolls running in mills:

a.      At the winder.  A high speed position.  Speed is one of the high stress conditions.  These sleeves are wire reinforced, as many of our sleeves are, and have “air grooving” to allow air to escape from between the sheet and the roll.

b.      After the coater.  We use grease that is good for 500 F.  Paper ignites at 460 F.  This grease cost $800/lb.  No hydrocarbons in this grease.

c.      After the size press.  Some with Teflon Sleeves some without.  Some driven some not.

d.      In high speed Paper converting with the frequent starts and stops: another tough application.

e.      In the Press section in the felt run to keep felts seams straight.  Particularly important in older PMs that have gone to seamed felts.

f.        In the press section to keep the paper wrinkles out ahead the next press

6.      We make and repair fixed Bowed Rolls (the most common Bowed Roll) and variable Bowed Rolls (these rolls have either a manual or hydraulic mechanism to change the amount of Bow or Crown in the Bowed Roll).

7.      We provide all the accompanying equipment for your Bowed Roll, rotating brackets, Drive Sheaves and Rope Sheaves (chromed for longer life of the sheave and for less wear on the rope).