Working in a Safe manner is paramount in the Paper Industry and we are constantly searching for Safer methods and equipment for the Paper machine and Stock Prep areas.

Dr Blade Pullers for Paper Machines

Dr Blade Pullers


Dr Blade Pullers keep hands out of harms way of Pinch points, Heat and Chemical residues found at the Paper Machine.

Winder Rescue Kits for Paper Machines


For the Paper Machine winders we offer a Rescue Kits that is kept right at the winder.  Not only will it help extract personnel but it serves a constant reminder to everyone to work in a Safe Manner.

Auto Brush Showers for Paper Machines

Keep showers clear without the need for personnel to get near moving equipment.  Set the rotating and flush cycle in the safety of the control room. Turns the Brush while opening the discharge valve. Call for particulars for your operation.

Ragger Tail Cutters for Recycled Paper Pulpers


Hydraulic shears keep personnel away from the tangled tail, eliminates the practice of cutting the tail with a torch and the potential fire hazard.